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CodecPro specializes in implementations of the most widely used standardized speech and audio codecs,

including low bit rate codecs and wideband codecs for HD speech. These well-known codecs, listed below, are deployed in a broad spectrum of applications and are acknowledged for their quality, robustness, and scalability.

Why use standardized codecs? Standards embody best practices developed through the review and consensus of experts, so they are proven and meet benchmarks set by industry. They assure quality and add credibility to your offering. Most importantly, they ensure interoperability.

For a brief description of a codec and a list of its implementations by CodecPro, click on the codec name. Or to develop a customized implementation for your specific needs, contact CodecPro at

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2162 Laurier E. Montreal, QC Canada, H2H 1C2 Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1.514.916.3663