CodecPro Extended AMR-WB (AMR-WB+) Codec
3GPP Speech and Audio standard codec

The AMR-WB+ speech and audio codec is the 3GPP-recommended hi-fi audio codec for MMS, PSS and MBMS services over GSM and WCDMA networks. AMR-WB+ is also recommended for DVB-H applications. AMR-WB+ scales to cover the full audio spectrum and uses high-efficiency parametric stereo (HE-PS) to maintain high-fidelity stereo image reproduction at even the lowest bit rates and excellent quality at higher rates. Coded AMR-WB+ media can be encapsulated in 3GPP (.3gp, i.e., MMS) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) file formats and used along the entire delivery chain in multimedia applications. The RTP payload format for AMR-WB+, defined by the IETF, supports interleaving for robust streaming and forward error correction (FEC) for enhanced robustness.

The memory and CPU details are generic Standard specifications, for more detail and information about CodecPro's AMR-WB+ optimisation, please contact us at

Bandwidth 50 - 19200 Hz
Standardized 3GPP 2004
Technology Hybrid ACELP and Transform Coding
Bit rate 6 – 36 kbps (mono) and 7 – 48 kbps (stereo)
Delay (msec) 90 X ISF (int. sampling frequency)
Frame size (msec) 80 x ISF
Lookahead (msec) 10 x ISF
Quality Ultra-Wideband for Speech & Audio
Complexity (MIPS) Decoder: 8 (mono) & 24(stereo)
ROM (bytes) 300K
RAM (bytes) Encoder: 300K Decoder: 24K

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