CodecPro G.722.1 Codec
ITU-T standard codec

The G.772.1 was developed to deliver wideband speech and music at lower bitrates than G.722. The G.722.1 standard is limited in scope to hands-free operation and low packet loss conditions. G722.1 operates in wideband at 7 kHz and provides two bitrates at 24 and 32 kbps. G.722.1 Annex C (G.722.1C) supports super-wideband at 14 kHz and adds a new bitrate at 48 kbps.

The memory and CPU details are generic Standard specifications, for more detail and information about CodecPro's G.722.1 optimisation, please contact us at

Bandwidth 50 – 7000 Hz ; 50 – 14000Hz
Standardized ITU-T 1999
Technology Transform Coding
Bit rate 24/32 kbps ; 24/32/48 kbps
Delay (msec) 40
Frame size (msec) 20
Lookahead (msec) 20
Quality Wideband ; SuperWideband
Complexity (MIPS) 15 ; 30
ROM (bytes) 50K
RAM (bytes) 2K + 4K/ch.

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